Why We Love Phyto Mucins

Since the early 2000s, a miracle ingredient known as snail mucin has been a beloved staple of consumers in spite of the initial skepticism of the mucky origins. It is an incredibly effective ingredient, one of the main benefits being its ability to boost skin collagen. However, some may still prefer not sourcing their skincare solutions from our slimy friends. 


Let me introduce you to

Phyto Mucin

For those who are in-deep with the Skincare Community, mucins may be a familiar term. But let’s define mucins anyway to refresh our memories. 😉

Mucins are a group of complex glycoproteins which are secreted from the mucosal cell surface to provide protection, resistance, and resilience to toxic challenges at the mucosal surfaces. They can be extracted from animal-based sources, such as snails, or plant-based sources such as okra fruit or yams. 

The word phyto simply indicates where the mucin is derived from - that’s right, plants! This opens a whole new terrain to be explored for what sort of benefits these plant-based mucins can do for the skin. 

Just imagine, beloved superfoods such as okra fruit, natto gum, or seaweed algae extracted into a highly effective concentrate to be delivered to the skin. Not only effective, but phyto mucins are known to also be gentle on the skin. There’s as many kinds of mucins imaginable as there are people, and you can layer these benefits in your skincare routine. Here’s some phyto mucins used in Korean Skincare today! Each with its unique emphasis.💞

Okra Fruit Extract
  • A green fruit said to be popular with historical beauty icons, such as Cleopatra and Guifei Yang. 
  • Rich in vitamins and beta-carotene that gently nourish the skin. 
  • Furthermore, is hydrating and soothing to the skin. 
Seaweed Algae

  • Highly nutritious sea vegetable; rich in fiber and vitamins.
  • Rich in sulfuric acid and perfect for nourishment. 
  • For the skin, it is also an antioxidant, with repairing and rejuvenating benefits. 
Kombu (Brown) Algae
  • High in concentration of proteins, dietetic fiber, and vitamins and minerals for elasticity.
  • Rich in fucose and algins for natural skin glow.
  • For the skin, it’s nourishing, protecting, and provides suppleness.