#WhytheY Part. 5: Vaginal Smells

Welcome to our last installment of #WhytheY! So happy to see you here :) 

If you’re a person with a vagina, you know that it can be quite fragrant!

As we have learned in Why the Y’s of yonder, the vulvovaginal system maintains a large network of vital functions. While your y-zone is hard at work keeping you happy and healthy- it often emits different smells as a byproduct of activity. 

We created this chart to show you common vaginal smells and their causes. 

Sweet: Changes in certain bacteria alter your vaginal pH which in turn can in turn make your y-zone smell sweet or even fermented (acidic)! This is the result of normal day-to-day changes in your vaginal environment and does not typically have any maleffect on health (1). 

Metallic and Chemical: If you notice your y-zone has a little metallic or chemical smell- not to worry! These may all be the natural result of common activities like sweat, sex, and menstruation, and should go away on their own (2) . 

Fishy: A smell like rotten fish may be a sign of bacterial overgrowth or a UTI. If you notice this, particularly in combination with other abnormal symptoms like pain when voiding or itching, consult a doctor (2). 

Your y-zone has subtle changes in smell all the time, and many of them are perfectly normal! The more you get to know your body, the easier it will be to flesh out when something seems off. 

While common smells are normal and natural, it makes total sense if you want to reduce a particular odor at times. 

The most important aspect of vulvar odor reduction is maintaining your pH balance and avoiding irritation. That means you need mild, but effective vulvovaginal care to reduce odors. (Absolutely no douching! Don’t even think about it!) 

Our intimate wipes contain natural ingredients like Centella Asiatica to gently clean your vulva when you’re on the go. Each individually-packaged wipe is formulated with Lactobacilli that help restore your natural pH and calm odor.


That’s it for our very last #WhytheY! Hope we’ve armed you with a little more information on personal care for your “down there”:)

Go forth and prosper!

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