#WhytheY Part 2: Learn about your pH!

Welcome to the second installment of #WhytheY, where we give you the low-down on your down-low ;). Today’s topic is none other than pH! Did you know your vagina is slightly acidic? Yep! Vulvovaginal pH is weakly acidic for most of your adult life, but this balance naturally changes over time. pH is typically higher than 4.5 both before the first menstrual period and after menopause (1). 

The general range for a menstruating person is 3.6 - 4.5 (1).

Image shows pH timeline from 1 to 14, with 3.6 through 4.5 marked as healthy vaginal pH.

Introduction of other secretions, like period blood or semen, may temporarily raise your pH levels (this is normal, and usually readjusts back to typical levels quickly!) (1). So, how does the vagina create this awesome acidic environment, and why is it so important? 

The answer is Estrogen! Estrogen promotes the growth of Lactobacilli (2), a bacteria that produces acidic substances lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide (1). Lactobacilli dominate the vulvovaginal flora, they are by far the most abundant good bacteria in your y-zone (3) !


We *heart* lactobacilli because the acid they produce makes the vaginal inhospitable for harmful bacteria that thrives in more neutral pH (like the bacteria that causes BV) (4). Our intimate mist contains Lactobacilli to help you promote good bacteria and maintain your pH. Use topically on your vulva whenever you want a little boost!

If you notice any persistent symptoms of vulvovaginal pH change (persistent itchiness, burning sensation or difficulty when voiding) - talk to your doctor :)

Thanks for joining us, Come back later to learn more on #WhytheY! 

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