5 Ways to Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable

5 Ways to Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable

Tips for a greener beauty lifestyle

More is more when it comes to sustainability. Sure, there are a number of green initiatives going on in our world today (case in point: the plastic bag ban), but there’s still plenty to work on. One way we can all take part is to slip in some eco-friendly changes to our beauty routines that are pretty simple and quick. Because, after all, even small steps can lead to big, impactful changes. Read on for five tips you can put into action today. 

  1. Choose Greener Products

Countless stats show just how much waste comes from consumer products. Excess cardboard, paper, plastic, and other materials often end up in landfills, harming our planet. One easy solution? Choose greener products like JayJun’s Roselle Tea Eye Gel Patches, which not only brighten, hydrate, and revitalize the under-eye area, but it’s also biodegradable. As for another sustainable product, there’s the Essential Firming Mask, which is made with environmentally-friendly Tencel (a cellulosic fiber from wood pulp using recyclable solvents).

  1. Opt for Multi-Purpose Products

Beauty goods that do double-duty are a total win-win: you can save precious space on your shelfie while cutting back on waste packaging. A few multi-purpose star products include our Lavender Tea Eye Gel Patches that can help firm and smooth the under-eye area and can also be used as an acne spot treatment. The same Roselle Tea Eye Gel Patches as mentioned above help with reducing fine lines and wrinkles for the under-eye area plus around the mouth to keep smile lines at bay. Get creative (and more use!) out of your everyday products. 

  1. Don’t Leave the Water Running

This one’s a given but a reminder never hurts. The simple act of turning off the faucet while washing our faces and brushing our teeth can collectively save tons of water, a natural resource that’s not guaranteed to be in forever abundance. Another tip: reduce shower time and keep the conversation going about water usage. The more it’s acknowledged, the more chances we can hopefully make for change.

  1. Look for Greener Packaging

There’s something about smart packaging that makes products so much more appealing to use. These days, many brands are coming out with innovative ways to go green, which will hopefully lead to a domino effect for the beauty industry at large. JayJun’s So Cool Mask is designed similarly to a tissue box as opposed to individual packages. Each package comes with 30 masks, which also makes it more convenient to use (say hello to an at-home spa day every day).

  1. Donate Unused or Unwanted Products to a Good Cause

Bought a beauty product that isn't fit for you? Or received a gift that isn’t quite your style? Look up a local charity online and donate your items to those who can get greater use out of it. Another idea: host a fun party with your friends to swap items. This can work for beauty goods, yes, but also for clothes, accessories, and books. Plus, it’ll feel good to spring clean and have extra space to declutter your mind and spirit!