How to Choose the Best Face Mask For You

Skincare is a science—it may take plenty of trial and error, observations and experiments to nail a good routine down. Although that’s true, it doesn’t hurt to have a guide to help steer you in the right direction. That said, let’s talk face masks a.k.a. beauty wonders that are truly game-changers in skincare. But with a sea of options out there, how exactly do you choose the best one for you? Here, we’ve rounded up a few face masks based on skin types so you can keep calm and mask on.

If your skin needs…

A Wake-Up Call

Try: Real Water Brightening Black Mask

This mask might be jet black but it aims to give you brighter skin—much brighter. If the hustle and bustle of everyday life has got your skin looking dull and in need of a boost, reach for this savior. There are three compartments to the package (the other two are the Real Water Cleansing Foam and Vita Snow Essence) to cleanse and nourish your complexion, too. Filled with mineral-rich lava seawater from Jeju Island in South Korea, this hydrating rayon sheet mask is also double layered to take care of the delicate area under your eyes. Perfect for days you haven’t caught quite enough sleep, or anytime, really. 


Try: Rose Blossom Mask


Need a bit of tender loving care? In a world where everything seems to be moving at the speed of light, take a moment to unwind with the Rose Blossom Mask. Stressed-out skin would benefit from its skin softening magic—the mask is infused with European rose water (and steam-distilled from real rose petals), which soothes skin like no other. What makes this fabric sheet so wearable is its super-soft Cupra fabric, designed to adhere perfectly to your face and allows the nutrients to sink deep into your skin. Go ahead, take a nap while you’re at it. 

Moisture Boost

Try: It Began Tansy Facial Mask

No matter the season, skin dryness can be a real issue. If you’re seeking a solution for sensitive, dry, flaky, irritated, or parched skin, look no further than this plant-derived vegan mask. Enriched with Laminaria Japonica extract (a seaweed that helps with anti-aging and enhances skin firmness) it soothes, hydrates, and, yes, moisturizes. Another star ingredient is tansy flower extract, which helps evens out skin pigmentation.


Try: Red Miracle Revital Energy Mask

At JayJun, our story began with a group of plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and researchers who came together to find solutions for more youthful skin. This mask, in particular, focuses on the anti-aging factor. Like the ruby gemstone, it was created with the idea of radiance in mind. Filled with pomegranate extract, it aims to increase skin firmness and keeps wrinkles at bay while giving it the hydration it needs. 

Environmental Protection

Try: Pollution-Proof Refreshing Mask

If you live in a city where the pollution is more dramatic than your favorite TV show, you may want to consider the Pollution-Proof Refreshing Mask. Made with ginger oil, it helps revitalize and protect the skin from pollutants in the air (think: micro-dust). It’s also filled with ectoin, which protects the skin from stressors such as dry temps. Overall, think of this mask as a shield against environmental harm. Apply it for 10-20 minutes then put your best face forward to take on the day.

A Little Bit of Everything

Try: Daily Essentials Pack - Bestseller Masks

Have skin concerns that constantly fluctuate? Or just travel often? Try the Daily Essentials Pack which includes a mix of bestsellers so you can mask depending on your mood. One box includes eight masks, two each of the following: Green Okra, Aloe Pink, Pollution-Proof Refreshing, and Pollution-Proof Luminous. Another perk of this pack is the chance to experiment with a few to find your all-time favorite(s).